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April 16, 2012

When all else fails…

Reaching Quetta and enjoying a good rest was my objective after all the rough roads from Lahore, but I was under no illusion there’d be plenty more to come, not to mention the heat, desert sand and an element of danger. Real or perceived, I didn’t know. Despite the hotel being pretty basic, I managed […]

April 6, 2012

Diary of a madman

April 1st A guy from the newspaper led me out of Lahore to the freeway on his bike. Wheel not running dead true since hitting the pothole the other day. Limiting speed to just 42kph. Good run. Apprehensive about spokes that were fixed, but seem ok. Covered 142kms with light traffic. Lots of plowed fields. […]

April 1, 2012

A sense of perspective

A few days ago things were looking bleak, but within 24 hours all that was behind me. Life looked pretty good again.  I know I’m repeating myself here, but waking up after a good night’s sleep and enjoying a hot shower certainly changes ones outlook and it helps to see the solution more clearly. After […]

March 30, 2012

Some days are diamonds, some days are……

It sounds strange I know but it’s a lonely journey despite always being surrounded by crowds of people. And then there’s the things I miss…like a good cup of real coffee, fish & chips, a meat pie, and a familiar accent. So when Tahir & Tina invited me to dinner in Lahore & meet with […]