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Who is the Old Bloke?

Hi, I’m Ron Fellowes, a fast approaching septuagenarian. Not that this makes me any wiser, but it does prove I’ve been around the block a few times….and fallen off!

I’ve ridden motorcycles since I was a kid. The first I owned was a war issue Harley Davidson in New Zealand at the tender age of 13. Not old enough to have a license I built a go-kart instead and made a nuisance of myself around the neighbourhood. In my teens I tried my luck on a ’56 Matchless, a Jawa motor scooter and a ’Velocette. Then as a mechanic, I took up speedway racing with Triumph & Vincent sidecars as well as trials riding, beach & road racing, scrambles & motocross. My restorations over the years also included a 1970 Kawasaki H1 Triple, a 50’s Norman, a 1922 and a 1924 AJS with sidecar.

In the early 80’s my wife & I spent 3 years travelling on a ’76 LTD Honda Goldwing towing a camper trailer. Our 200,000km journey took us from the top of the world to the bottom through 24 countries. This was in the days before the internet, mobile phones, digital cameras, GPS…just a map & a good sense of humour was all we needed.

My goal is to ride my 1910 Fabrique Nationale overland from Nepal back to Belgium so I can celebrate the bike’s one hundred years in it’s place of origin – the culmination of a lifetime of motorcycling challenges & adventures.

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