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Tag - border crossing

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

At the Bors border crossing from Romania the customs guys gave me cup of coffee and some water, which was really nice of them. Just a stamp in my passport and I was on my way west. I took a few detours north, west, north, then west again as I had a couple of places to check out. One of these in the centre of the Great Plain was the Barna windmill at Karcag. I spent a...

As high as it gets

A couple of weeks off the bike and my bum has turned to putty. It’s been hard going in recent days, especially as a good deal of the ride has been uphill. A few days back a truck driver offered to tow my bike but I wasn’t keen on that idea so he gave me a push instead. Eventually I relented and he towed Effie and I to the top of the steep incline. I was...