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Follow the Yellow Brick Road

With no speedometer, I’d originally taken a rough guess at what distance I thought the total journey would ultimately be. Well, it seems I really underestimated this and daughter Nikki has been hard at work calculating distances far more accurately than I ever did. Apparently  I’ve already covered 13,926 kms – which is bloody amazing! I had been concerned Effie might...

Easy Rider

A straight forward border crossing into Bulgaria. Only about six cars going through so no queues. Also no touts or pushy money changers. Everything done in a very orderly fashion in the bank near the customs office for money changing. Best thing is that the price of petrol dropped to about half the price of Turkey’s gas and I get more for my Lev so I’ll...

Where is he going?

Plotting the route has been fun. Lynne & I have pored over maps, working out distances and trying to gauge how far it is between towns & rest stops, It’s unlikely I’ll be able to book any accommodation in advance but I’m over taking my chances with just any dive & plan to sleep as comfortably as possible. Well that’s the plan, but...