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Author - Mark Fellowes

No Room for Watermelons

No Room for Watermelons has now been published. Yippee! Expected date of delivery is mid February 2015. We’ll be announcing the date of the book launch soon, but in the meantime, signed copies can be ordered here online. This is the book you’ve all been waiting for – much of it has never before been told. In 2012, while others his age were enjoying quiet...

On Track For a New Adventure

Effie has been stripped down and I’ve begun work making and replacing worn parts. Surprisingly, the pistons were in pretty good shape, but I’m having the barrels rebored and am putting new pistons in. I won’t know how worn the crank-shaft bearings are until the motor is dismantled, but will replace them anyway. I’ve finished making the new hub...

You little beauty!

What a sight for sore eyes – Effie has finally made it back to the Apple Isle.
I won’t be letting her out of my sight again in a hurry. Now it’s down to business overhauling the engine and getting her back into  shape – but not like new, that would take away from her amazing achievement. Oh, it’s good to be reunited!

On Dry Land

I’ve been holding my breath for months waiting for Effie to reach our shores and finally she has arrived…or so I’m told. After the journey from Europe the ship docked in Perth this month, sailed on to Melbourne and eventually arrived in Sydney. Effie has I suspect, now seen more of the Australian coast than me! I’m waiting on the news that customs have cleared the...