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In the thick of it!

The first 48 hours have been anything but dull!

Apart from the intermittent electricity shortages plaguing Kathmandu there seems to be little or petrol available. I could only buy one litre to get me started & I very soon ran out on the way from the airport. While sitting on the side of the road contemplating whether to spend the night where I was, a passerby stopped & asked what I was doing. Of course when I told him he said it was too dangerous and to follow him to his hotel. Grateful & too tired to argue we pushed the bike for about two kms. He gave me a special deal on the price of a room as I was such “an old man”. I never managed to find the hotel I was booked into unfortunately and next morning amidst horrendous city traffic the clutch seized. With the help of two great Nepalese guys who incidentally refused payment, I had it back on the road. Finally found my way out of the mayhem & headed towards Pokhara. The late start coupled with several badly broken sections meant I wasn’t going to make it to my destination in one day. A particularly steep descent took me half and hour to make it to the bottom. I can imagine how many hours it would take to get to the top – guess I have that to look forward to sometime over the next few days!

I passed two buses which had collided head-on obviously trying to use the same side of the road, but given I was focused on keeping upright while balancing a spare can of fuel I figured a Kodak moment was out of the question. I finally made it to a hotel strangely named the Pokhara Inn even though I there was still 130kms to go to my destination! The manager spoke great English & made me very welcome. I’m knackered but after a chat on skype to Lynne I can chalk this up as a tough ride but the FN did a fantastic job. My first impressions – people curious, friendly and helpful. The traffic is much like Bali, but worse! It’s preparing me for India though I get a tad nervous remembering what others motorcyclists have said about Nepal being a piece of cake compared to India. Ah well, one challenge at a time.

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