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The long way down

Just when you think you’ve got the hang of riding on the top of the world, it pisses down with rain. I mean rain that goes on for eight hours non-stop. My gear stood up to the elements for about four hours then it gave up the ghost. Even the waterproof boots decided to call it a day. While I don’t mind riding in the rain, I have to say this downpour really was pushing the envelope when the electrics kept dying. Each time the magneto got covered in water the engine would miss, which meant having to roll the bike down to the bottom of the hill and start again.

I passed eighteen crashed vehicles in one day – that’s got to be some kind of record. By the time I limped into Pokhara I was done but a really hot shower made all the difference. The thermal underwear was great – just hope all the rest of my kit can dry out in time for the next leg. I’ve been on the road less than a week and already I’ve had to put another notch in my belt as I’m losing weight at a great rate of knots with all the exercise.

The scenery in places was amazing but could only take photos here and there -too risky otherwise. Had a good day’s rest in Pokhara and gave the bike a real clean. Ride from Pokhara to Butwal near the border was a blast…well most of it. Twenty hills (really mountains) to climb but FN doing brilliantly. Only one stumped us. I paid a passerby to help push the bike the final 20 metres to the top – money definitely well spent! Had a close call with a convoy of trucks when one decided to reverse and we only missed having a collision when the passenger jumped out and saw me. Accommodation last night fair – much as I expected. A nice homestay in Agra is sounding pretty good right now!

I’ve had to put another notch in my belt as I’m losing weight at a great rate of knots – must be all this bloody pedalling. The land has flattened out now so it should be easier going roadwise, but I know the traffic from here to Agra is bound to see me sweat a few more kilos! About to do my first border crossing today. I remember them as being pretty stressful in South America but from what I’ve read they’re pretty cool here. Once across I’ll be heading to Gorahkpur – a total of 167 kms for today. Doesn’t sound like much, but if the traffic’s all it’s cracked up to be I should make I by nightfall! Anyway, it’s goodbye from him (Nepal) and goodbye from me…The Old Bloke.

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