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The year winds up…

While many of you are sweltering in the tropics or freezing in other parts of the world, Lynne & I are enjoying four seasons in a day – how weird is that? Still, even the sunny days are not hot, so we’re enjoying whatever Hobart brings us.

Just to bring you all up to speed since we returned home – our house in Bali sold – yippee, Effie is on the high seas somewhere between the Netherlands and here, our household effects are in a container waiting to be shipped to us from Bali and we’ve bought a 2-acre block of land where we plan to build a new home in the New Year.

Now I’m not traveling life is a little quiet, but Lynne & I are well into writing a book about my adventures and I’m happy to say it is coming along nicely. I never knew there was so much work in writing! Unlike a diary or a blog it requires a good deal more attention if it’s to make it across a publisher’s desk. Still, we’re giving it our best shot. So far I’ve had been amused and dismayed recalling many of my exploits and I look forward to sharing many more of them with you in 2013.

It promises to be a busy year for us with several projects underway. I’m keen to have Effie back with us and take her engine apart to see how well the little bike coped with the hammering she took. ‘She’ & I have been invited to attend a few events in the coming months; we’ve a big trip planned across the USA in 2014, and we hope to revisit Europe then. No doubt we’ll be on a few rallies over the remainder of the summer if all is well with the bike.

Lynne & I, (and Effie of course) send our best wishes to each and every supporter and friend who added to the enjoyment of our amazing experience. We’ll keep you posted on the book’s progress and any new happenings as they occur.

Happy holidays to everyone, and all the best for a fantastic New Year.

The Old Bloke

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