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Up and Away

While checking out hotels near Bangkok Airport for my layover we came across this website: www.sleepinginairports.com It’s takes a look at travellers who get stranded in airports, those who opt to sleep there rather than find a hotel and even those who have been bunking down under the airport stairs or elsewhere in the terminal for months – I kid you not! Curling up on the floor at the check-in desk or trying to get comfortable in an armchair is a bit like riding an old bike across the Himalayas – you only do it if you’re desperate to save on the fare or insane!

My Pakistan visa was delivered by courier last week – I was sweating a bit there, but the man was as good as his word. Got a message to say that I’ll hear from the Iranian one in a few days time. Fingers crossed it’s approved.

Had a terrific weekend with a surprise sendoff from friends and family. Thanks guys, it meant a lot. Thanks too to Thai Airways International for wonderful service and support. You really are the best way to fly. No plastic noodles in a styrene cup on this flight – two lovely meals and the best seat in the house! Talking about seats, mine will probably be a bit sore by the time I reach India so I’ll be looking to chill out for a few days in Agra.

I think we did a pretty good job of loading the bike – hard to tell there are three spares tyres under all that gear! I did manage to squeeze in a handful of muesli bars but not much else. My final purchase was a pair of Daniese waterproof boots which I’m hoping will be up to the job.

The bike was shipped 3 days ago so should be waiting my arrival later today. It’s 5.30am – I’ve had a good night’s sleep and am enjoying a quick breakfast before the next leg to Kathmandu….let’s get this show on the road!!

Thanks everyone for your interest and good wishes. Tried emailing last night but couldn’t understand the Thai language for gmail or google – thank goodness for skype & my backup crew.  lol  See you later TOB

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